Round Table by Hispano-Moresque

Round Table by Hispano-MoresqueThe tiles for this table were made by Hispano-Moresque Tile Company of Los Angeles (1927 - 1934). The company's showroom was grandiose, but it is still unclear where the tiles were produced. It's possible that Hispano-Moresque used the D. & M. factory for their production, and that would explain a lot of the similarities in the decoration of these two companies' tiles. The tiles with this particular design are shown set into a Monterey Prohibition-era bar on page 217 of the California Tile, The Golden Era 1910-1940 (vol. 2). The woodwork on this table is quite nice; the top is round, turned legs have a lot of details to them and are connected with decorative stretchers. While the tiles have some wear on them, the wood on the table is in spectacular condition.

  • Dimensions: 12" x 12" (not including the wooden edge), four 6" x 6" tiles
  • Acquired: San Jose, California, February 2013

Round Table by Hispano-MoresqueRound Table by Hispano-MoresqueRound Table by Hispano-Moresque

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