Sun Table by Tudor

Sun Table by TudorTudor Potteries (1927 to 1939) tin-glazed tiles are often easy to recognize by their use of vivid, bright colors, especially orange and teal green. The patterns are usually pretty complex; intricate designs have definitive Spanish and Moorish influences.

The tiles on this table look simplistic in comparison to their brethren; they have a three-color sun-shaped design. This design is documented on page 277 of the Encyclopedia of American Art Tiles, Region 6, and on page 184 of the California Tile, The Golden Era 1910-1940 (vol. 2). It also appears in the 1931 Tudor catalog and is marked CAY.

This design must have been rather popular because I ended up with not one, but three of these tables! The tiles are generally in good condition with some surface wear and dirt.

  • Dimensions: 12 1/4" x 12 1/4" (not including the wooden edge), four 6" x 6" tiles
  • Acquired: Berkeley, California, 2013 and Santa Cruz, California, August 2013 (two tables from Santa Cruz not pictured)

Sun Table by Tudor Sun Table by Tudor Sun Table by Tudor

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