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Visual Guide to Curious Clay

Here you can find a quick visual index to my collection. Continue reading

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Curious Clay: vintage tiles, tile tables, and art pottery

It all started with a fireplace in our 1936 house. It had a strange tiled mantel depicting Mayan scenes. The tiles looked old, so I assumed they were original to the house, but I had no idea who made them or when. After weeks of online research I learned about Batchelder, Claycraft, Malibu, and the Golden Age of California art tiles, but I was no closer to identifying the maker of the fireplace tiles. Discovering Tile Heritage Foundation was the break-through. The kind people at the Foundation knew that my tiles were made by Woolenius Tile Co of Berkeley, California, and even sent me a page from the original catalog showing the Design No. 367, my exact mantel. And so it began - the journey through the wonderful world of historic tiles and, more specifically, tile tables.

You are welcome to peruse the quick visual guide to the collection or simply read below.

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